Committee Members & Working Team (2011-2012 2nd Semester)

To ensure proper handling of senior projects, and to provide students with all the required assistance and guidance, a team of academicians, technicians, business consultants, and mentors are always available at the innovation center:


Academic supervisors: Selected members from the faculty of Information Technology.  They provide guidance and continuous supervision.  Students working on projects are required to meet their supervisor on weekly bases.

1-     Dr. Ghassan Issa

2-     Dr. Ahmad Shubita

3-     Dr. Nesreen Otoum

4-     Mr. Abdel Kareem Al-Banna

5-     Mr. Izzeddin Matar


Technical Mentors: Any student working on a senior project is allowed to get assistance from a number of technical mentors (Faculty members or technician).  Technical mentors are usually members of the faculty of IT who possess professional and practical experience.  At least two technical mentors are available on daily basis at the innovation center.

7-     Dr.Hadi Hassan Al-Saadi

8-     Mr. Abdel Kareem Al-Banna

9-     Mr. Izzeddin Matar

10-  Yaser Saleh

11- Aya Bassam (student assistant)


Project Management & Software Engineering Mentors: A selected number of faculty members who are known to possess extensive experience in Software Engineering and Project Management Skills are always available to guide students on applying the proper projects workflow and on using proper documentation standards.

12- Dr. Ghassan Issa

13- Dr. Ahmad Shubita

14- Dr. Nuha El-Khalili

15- Dr. Haya El-Ghalayini

16- Mrs. Huda Saadeh


Business Planning Mentor/ Coordinator: a Coordinator from the innovation center with extensive management and Business planning writing skills will be available for serious students and their supervisors who wish to go with their projects the extra step.  The coordinator works as a facilitator to introduce the project to the innovation center and to assist in preparing projects to undergo the innovation Process and to prepare projects for National and International Competitions.


1-     Mr. Bashar Badran


Project Documentation and Workflow Standard Committee:

This is an academic committee consisting of Software Engineering faculty members.  This committee takes care of the academic side of senior projects.  Responsibilities include setting up Requirements, documentation, workflow, grading criteria, etc..

17- Dr. Ghassan Issa

18- Dr. Ahmad Shubita

19- Dr. Nuha El-Khalili

20- Mrs. Huda Saadeh

21- Mr. Abdel Kareem Al-Banna

22- Mr. Izzeddin Matar



Project Submission and Evaluation Committee:

By the end of every semester, members of this committee get their hands full with the final preparation for the submission and evaluation of projects, and documentations.  This committee prepares the discussion schedule, collects student's documentations, distribute the documentation to external examiners, prepare the assessments sheets, collect the grades and finalize them.  They also prepare a short list of projects that are eligible for awards.


23- Dr. Ghassan Issa

24- Mr. Abdel Kareem Al-Banna

25- Mr. Izzeddin Matar

26- Mrs. Huda Saadeh

27- Mrs. Abeer Al-Radaideh



Competition Committee

This is usually a sub-committee of the Project and Evaluation Committee.  The task of this committee is to evaluate the short list of potential projects eligible for awards.  Members of this committee classify projects to different categories, select three projects (If available) for each category, and finally select the winner for each category.

28- Dr. Ghassan Issa

29- Dr. Ali Maqousi

30- Mr. Abdel Kareem A-Banna

31- Mr. Izzeddin Matar

32- Mrs. Huda Saadeh

33- Mr. Bashar Badran

34- Mr. Yaser Saleh



External Examiners

External Examiners are faculty members or members of the community who volunteer their time to evaluate and assess student's projects.  They are usually provided with project documentation ahead of time and will attend students presentation.  An external Examiner participates in assigning grades and selection of winning projects.


1-     Dr. Hussein Al-Bahdili

2-     Dr. Shakir AlFarraji

3-     Dr. Kamal Al-Rawi

4-     Dr. Riyad Al-Sayed

5-     Dr. Nuha El-Khalili

6-     Dr. Haya El-Ghalayini

7-     Dr. Mohammed Abu-Arqoub

8-     Dr. Bassam Haddad

9-     Dr. Ahmad Awwad

10- Dr. Abdelraouf Ishtaiwi

11- Dr. Hayam Ensour

12- Dr. Tatiana Balikhina

13- Dr. Kinza Meridji

14- Mrs. Huda Saadeh

15- Mr. Saif abuaisheh

16- Mr. Khalil Omar

17- Mr. Mohammad Al-Sheikh Hasan

18- Mr. Bashar Badran

19- Mrs. Maisa Naser



Technicians: A number of technicians are always available to assist students in the labs and in the innovation center.  They provide help in installing software, networking issues, creating user accounts for students, and making sure the hardware works properly.

1-     Mr. Omar Al-Sayyed

2-     Mrs. Zeina Al-Tarawna


Public Relations, Publicity, and Organization:

Responsibility includes establishing links with industry, news announcements, and different organizational and administrative work.


1-     Ms. Lemana Saleem


Student connection and services:

A Team of Secretaries are always ready to contact students, sending emails, announcements, collecting documentations in a safe place, preparing schedules, name lists and so on.

1-     Ms. Nayfeh Mousa

2-     Mrs. Abeer Al-Radaideh

3-     Ms. Lemana Saleem


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